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Monday, March 17, 2008

Moving Ahead

Post Barcamp, life's been a bit hectic. It was simply fabulous! Thanks to Thoughtworks.

Yes moving ahead, Yet another topic to start a thread on. A series of presentations that would just showcase loads of things. To start off with I have Hibernate, also known as H8. The concept is fairly old. What is ORM? Apart from the fact that Objects can be mapped to tables. But there is more to it. How do you configure it? Is it database dependent?

In Short Visualize ORM as

Class Names = Table Name in your databse
Instance Members in your POJO = Columns in the table
Every object your create = Record in a table

To know more about this, let's look at H8 and how it simplifies things for us.
In this series, the concepts are being put forward. As we move on, we shall dive into the code and configuration.

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