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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Inviting all Techies, Entrepreneurs, Students from all over for PHPCamp 2010

Last year, PHPCamp 08 was seen as India's Biggest unconference. This year, it promises to be even bigger, better. Pune has PHPCamp 2010 this weekend (9th Jan, Saturday @ SCDL, Model Colony, Pune). This also happens to be the first event of the year.

There have been many questions asked on Facebook, Twitter, PHPCamp blogs on why you should be attending PHPCamp, who can be a part of it, what's so special this year? Thought of spending a minute with this blog entry, and clearing these doubts.

What is PHP?

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages.

What is PHPCamp?

It's a Barcamp, with a focus towards PHP Technology.

So, will it just be PHP?

No, anything and everything that's related to PHP, it could be as simple as "Building a website in 30 mins with Joomla (CMS)" or "Integrating PHP with Adobe Flex or Microsoft Silverlight (UI technologies)" to "Opensource Application Platform like Shindig / Opensocial" . You can always browse through what interests people at PHPCamp

Do I need to know PHP or can i survive with the bare minimum of knowledge i have on this topic?

Students with minimum programming experience, should start dabbling with PHP asap, try setting up with server, running hello world scripts, understanding the notion of web-development, and reading lots of "How to" article on the net ( is a very good resource that caters to everyone, no matter if he/she is an expert/novice/beginner).

For people with prior experience, i suppose just the basics should suffice or follow the Getting Started Manual.

I am a student, understand PHP, what type of question's should i ask?

Ask the right question to get the right answer as each talk is scheduled for just 40 mins. Contact the speaker after his/her session get's over, clear all your doubts. Don't be shy on asking questions, don't compromise on them, who knows many in the audience might be having the same doubt.

What can i expect out of PHPCamp?

Come with an attitude that helps you to become an expert, 8 hours of knowledge from the expert's could really do wonder's. As a student, you might just get an internship offer, decide which technology to be a master in, lot of "Getting started with examples". You could sound as an expert in your friend circle, by discussing various technologies you pick up here.

For professionals clear your doubts with questions that always bother you, "How can i achieve this?", "Where can i get some pointers on this topic?", "What's the best way to tackle a business problem?", "How can i design an application, considering the 3 layers (service, view, backend)?", "Have a startup idea and want to discuss with the experts?" You will find people from all corner's. As Navin says, "Humans are better than Google". We have experts from Adobe, Microsoft, Xento (Our Diamond Sponsors)

The most important, why not suggest a topic that you would want to present/discuss at PHPCamp, a great source of "Gyan" and be a part of "Share & Learn" process.

How can i do my bit for PHPCamp?

We need friends to help us un-organize PHPCamp. Join us at the volunteer's meet on 8th Jan(3.30PM) at SICSR. Looking forward to meet you all here.

If you can't meet us on this day, Blog/Facebooking/Twittering/Digg/Scrap(Orkut) about it and send us a DM on Twitter, we will include your blog entry in our mediasection.

I want to attend PHPCamp, Can I get all the details?

Date: 9th Jan 2010
Venue: SCDL(Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning), Pune
Time: 9AM -6PM ( come 15 mins. prior to the start)
Map to the venue
Register ( Just join us if you see the event is a sellout, we have already extended 300 ticket, as per the current status even that is almost a sellout yet again )

This blog entry was very much inspired from Navin's article on Why students should bunk classes to attend BarcampPune: projects, internships, recosBarcamp?. Thanks Navin.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Woohoo!! I am now a Adobe Community Champion

Last week i received a mail from Adobe Team, the subject line read "Welcome Priyank Kapadia to the India Community Champions group", Woohoo!! All elated to be part of this.

Thanks to John Koch and Adobe for considering me. It is really a great honor to be a part of Adobe Community Champions.

“Community champions receive community recognition, access to Flex product pre-release information, speaking opportunities in some Adobe sponsored events, access to Adobe resources (i.e., presentation slides, champion web portal, champion forums, etc.) and some funding available for approved events”.

To know more about this program please follow this link

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are Back with a Bang!! - BlogCamp Pune

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! The makers of BlogCamp Pune are back with a bang. With rain, comes two awesome events that Pune was always waiting for - BlogCamp & BarCamp (date yet to be announced). The discussion thread for BlogCamp reached 150+ mails with around 20 bloggers including everyone from a beginner to a Pro from the Blogging world. I personally have been out of action for quite some time, with BlogCamp i see an opportunity to meet the bloggers, and just share some views/thoughts about Blogging - What's ethical and what's not?

Things that have been discussed at Blogger's meet,
1. Plagiarism - No one likes that.
2. SEO - this is the most talked about topic( seen @ Mumbai BlogCamp )
3. Do you blog to earn? - This is again quite debatable.
4. Basics of Blogging? - Always nice to have a "starter pack"
5. Google Ranks, Analytics and how to assist yourself track your visitors.
6. WordPress blogs vs. Blogspot ??

And the list is endless ... You just don't wanna miss this.. "NEW" Edition of Blog
Camp Pune (BlogCamp Pune 2)! Bigger, Better, Action Packed !!!

Follow us on Twitter (@blogcamppune), we tag all our tweets with #blogcamppune2 hashtag!!


SICSR(Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research)
Model Colony, Pune

Google Maps

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flex Boot Camp in Pune

Its been my pleasure to announce Pune Boot Camp 2009 (Sponsored by Adobe), going to held up in Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Kothrud on 13 & 14th MArch 2009.

Be geared up for all kind of FLASHy.. FLEXy… presentations which
gonna rock Pune AIR. :)

Its and Adobe event and all key evangelists are expected to join us. So be a part of this huge success. Raghunath Rao, Adobe Technical Evangelist has confirmed about his visit today. Sujit Reddy, Adobe Technical Evangelist is also expected to visit.

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)
S.No.124, Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune 411038
Maharashtra INDIA


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Note: We need active volunteers for this event.

Pune Boot Camp is free and community-run event for everyone interested in the Adobe Technologies. No matter you’re just a newbie with Flex/Flash AIR or you’re a scholar ,Boot Camp assures something to learn.

There are some of the most experienced Gurus who will share their knowledge on everything related to RIA space including, Flash Catalyst, AIR, FLex and OpenSource development.

Dont miss this opportunity to hear from the leaders. I will update more soon on this. .


* Raghunath Rao (Adobe Technical Evangelist)
* Sujit Reddy G. (Adobe Technical Evangelist)
* and many more…

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