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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are Back with a Bang!! - BlogCamp Pune

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! The makers of BlogCamp Pune are back with a bang. With rain, comes two awesome events that Pune was always waiting for - BlogCamp & BarCamp (date yet to be announced). The discussion thread for BlogCamp reached 150+ mails with around 20 bloggers including everyone from a beginner to a Pro from the Blogging world. I personally have been out of action for quite some time, with BlogCamp i see an opportunity to meet the bloggers, and just share some views/thoughts about Blogging - What's ethical and what's not?

Things that have been discussed at Blogger's meet,
1. Plagiarism - No one likes that.
2. SEO - this is the most talked about topic( seen @ Mumbai BlogCamp )
3. Do you blog to earn? - This is again quite debatable.
4. Basics of Blogging? - Always nice to have a "starter pack"
5. Google Ranks, Analytics and how to assist yourself track your visitors.
6. WordPress blogs vs. Blogspot ??

And the list is endless ... You just don't wanna miss this.. "NEW" Edition of Blog
Camp Pune (BlogCamp Pune 2)! Bigger, Better, Action Packed !!!

Follow us on Twitter (@blogcamppune), we tag all our tweets with #blogcamppune2 hashtag!!


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