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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flex Boot Camp in Pune

Its been my pleasure to announce Pune Boot Camp 2009 (Sponsored by Adobe), going to held up in Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Kothrud on 13 & 14th MArch 2009.

Be geared up for all kind of FLASHy.. FLEXy… presentations which
gonna rock Pune AIR. :)

Its and Adobe event and all key evangelists are expected to join us. So be a part of this huge success. Raghunath Rao, Adobe Technical Evangelist has confirmed about his visit today. Sujit Reddy, Adobe Technical Evangelist is also expected to visit.

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)
S.No.124, Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune 411038
Maharashtra INDIA


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Note: We need active volunteers for this event.

Pune Boot Camp is free and community-run event for everyone interested in the Adobe Technologies. No matter you’re just a newbie with Flex/Flash AIR or you’re a scholar ,Boot Camp assures something to learn.

There are some of the most experienced Gurus who will share their knowledge on everything related to RIA space including, Flash Catalyst, AIR, FLex and OpenSource development.

Dont miss this opportunity to hear from the leaders. I will update more soon on this. .


* Raghunath Rao (Adobe Technical Evangelist)
* Sujit Reddy G. (Adobe Technical Evangelist)
* and many more…

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blog comments powered by Disqus