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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pune, the Silcon Valley of India

I am back to blogging it's been quite sometime that I haven't blogged on anything although was an active micro-blogger, but nothing on my blog.

Pune is the "Geek Town" of India, I certainly believe that Pune is becoming the most active city in India. I recently moved out of Pune (a post on that later).

Post PHPCamp, which was declared to be the biggest un-conference, which saw people across different platform talk about PHP and related technologies gave birth to, fabulous initiative taken by Amit Singh. Must visit.

With this, we also saw a rise in # of people talk about "Open Social" platform and how to build application on these using the OpenSocial API. It all got culminated with a semi unconference which was named OpenSocial Developer Garage.

How can we miss the DrupalCamp? Saw around 300+ people turning up for the 2nd DrupalCamp conference in India.

I must say "Geek Town" is indeed buzzing big time.By the way you can follow me on twitter @whereispriyank

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