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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Open Social Developer Garage, Hit!

The most awaited semi-barcamp conference "Open Social Developer Garage", and the first of its kind in India was very well appreciated.

Quick recap!

All the volunteers and unorganizers reached the awesome venue(Thoughtworks Pune) at around 8.30AM, everyone having their own plans ready to make this event a huge hit. We quickly got things set up (Registration, Code Lab, Venue), and by 9.30 we had already seen 40+ turning up to "Gain" or "Share" what Open Social is all about?

Even before the campers, most of the Speakers were at the venue raring to talk about different aspects of Open Social .

We started the event at 10.30AM with the same old BarCamp style of introducing yourself in 3 words, as it began we had everyone twittering live about ODGPune specially Pune Tech Live and DevGarage.

As a token of appreciation, the unorganizers decided to give out "Bamboo Shoots" to all the speakers, and finally three cheers (HIP HIP HURRAY!!!) to ODGPune, it was indeed an awesome event, we have whole bunch of things in pipeline and look forward to implement them in the coming years. Just to keep everyone updated, we will start planning for ODGPune 09 very soon, Suggest everyone to join our Google Group where all the action begins.

How can we make it better?

1. Sadly most of the unorgnanizers and volunteers were really busy with their schedule and we were fighting with time to get this concept out and popularize it "BIG TIME", so i believe Better Planning.
2. Make it Open For All
3. Community Driven, not just restricted to 4-5 folks in the city, we would want everyone to join us and take this to a newer level. With a good community for Open Social, we can have the community drive this event.

Where can i see the action?

We will have the pics uploaded on Flickr. All pics for Open Social Developer Garage have been tagged by "odgpune".

Already have people blogging about Open Social Developer Garage, Pune

Aparana Kumar
from Sun writes "Social networks in India have gained a new high since early 2007. The culture of the region, diversity, affinity for communities & a nation wide culture where businesses thrive on connections/references/word-of-mouth, very neatly align with what social networks have to offer."

Who all were behind it?

1. Rohan Dighe
2. Amit Singh
3. Vishal Gadkari
4. Pravin Nirmal

and obviously Priyank Kapadia

Now the "BIG" folks who helped us a lot

1. Bhavya
2. Vipul
3. Tara
4. Abhishek Nagar
5. Aman

More to follow in another post? The Making of Open Social Developer Garage ....

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blog comments powered by Disqus