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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Flex Users Group Meet "Tashan" Mein

This is an update from the meet that we had today, 7th May.

Firstly the reason we had on weekdays as Raghu (Adobe Evangelist) was in pune, we thought it was a good time to just cache in..


1. We will be having a meet very soon
2. The event would cater to everyone
3. Start with basics of Flex, that all flex newbies would love
4. 30 Mins of developer related topics
5. 30 Mins of Flash related topics

Overall a package that would not upset anyone, and we will build on this as we go ahead.

Thanks to Raghu once again, he was at his best. After so much of traveling him, hats off Raghu.

1. Raghunath Rao - Flex Starter with how easy it is to come from Java/.net/Rails in Flex. And for flash people from CS3 to Flex, showed some examples of Skins. He showed a demo for how to create Data visualization, typically Flex Charts

I will be having a public wiki up and running soon. Read over this soon.

In the next meetings we will follow the developer/flash/newbies pattern. We have started working on the next meet. Yes, we will try to have it on weekends

The first Flex Users Group Team with Raghu, me, Anand. Pics are ausumn

For those who are still not part of the Flex Users group, Please join

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