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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Testing Cairngorm Application with DpUint

Hi folks

Recently we were doing lots of Unit testing for our application, we were working on a Cairngorm application. Testing with FlexUnit was not that comfortable (said that, it is a huge asset to have, refer to perter martin's article on Flex Unit).

I have made life easier to the newbies and experts by having a slideshare for Testing cairngorm application with DpUint. I have a TestClass, TestSuite, TestRunner samples. This should get everyone started with DpUnit Testing from Digital Primates. Those guys are really putting some great effort.

So here are the slideshare notes for the above. Do comment/criticize, I don't mind both. Check out the comments text area at the bottom of this page (that's from Disqus).

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blog comments powered by Disqus