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Friday, August 22, 2008

iPhone 3G Launched in India

A great mobile internet
device—probably the best ever made—and it’s a pity that
it’s debuted in the country before 3G networks are up and running.

The pity, of course, is that the two Indian operators whom Apple has
chosen—Airtel and Vodafone—have both decided not to subsidise the
handset as AT&T , for instance, does in the US, where it retails at $200
(approx Rs 8,600) with a compulsory extra charge by the operator for a two-year
usage plan. At a whopping Rs 36,100 for the 16GB (which comes in black and white
rear panels) and Rs 31,000 for the 8GB model. The phones are being given on first come
first serve basis.

Had it been priced between 20-25K, the number's would speak for itself, knowing that Apple is targetting the Indian SmartPhone market.

Recent Survey done by TimesOfIndia on Who would want to purchase an iPhone priced at 31K?, the result are even more whooping. 90% Say No, 7% Say they would still buy it, Remaining are still unsure.

In short 93% of the public won't be interesting in buying iPhone? I would place myself in the unsure category. You can get HTC Diamond for a cheaper price than iPhone.

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