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Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Open Social Coffee Meet in Pune

On Saturday, 27th September 2008 we had the first ever Open Social Coffee meet at ICC Level 9. There were around 10 of us for the meet and the agenda was to discuss what's next after PHPCamp?

The MOM,

1. We are having a Open Social Developer Garage'08 conference in Pune on 20th September, it is "invite only" conference.
2. CMS Day followed this, somewhere in February.
3. A surprise for all Joomla guys followed that in April.

Met Rohan Dighe, Amit Karpe, Prasoon Kumar, Shardul Mohite, Rakshit, Pravin, Amit Kumar Singh, Vishal Gadkari ,and i am missing out on few names here. The plan of this meet was to discuss some of key points of Open Social Developer Garage'08, how will it be organized and what all things need to be targeted?

How can you be a part of this conference? Help us out with unorganizing/unvolunteering or be a speaker or a contributor to the Open Social Developer Garage. Some of the things that we are having for this conference are

1. CodeLabs, Open Social Geeks develop a prototype.
2. Expect 'Top Notch' speakers from the Open Social community.

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