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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Glimpse of Swype

50 Words a min on Touch Screen, it's amazing! That's Swype for you!
Swype, is quite simple to use, although beneath the user interface there's a lot going on.

"Swype works with an on-screen QWERTY keyboard like you have on the tablet version of Windows and on the iPhone. But instead of tapping letters out, you press your finger or stylus on the first letter, then, without lifting it, move it to the remaining letters in the word. When the word is done, then you lift."

Even on tiny smartphone keyboards, it is intuitive and fast.A built-in 65,000-word dictionary corrects obvious and even creative spelling errors.

I do agree with Kushler (Inventor of T9, Swype) that his technology would improve the iPhone experience. Enjoy this demonstration from Kushler. I want this badly, it's awesome!

Video 1: Swype Demonstation Video

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blog comments powered by Disqus