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Monday, May 19, 2008

Cairngorm vs Penne( New Framework for Flex 3.0)

Here is how Cairngorm works!

* Business - Contains the various services for Remote Object calls, Web Service calls, etc
* Command - Handles the formation of the Request/Response of these service calls.
* Control - Here lives the one and only Cairngorm controller class. This is where you map your events to command classes.
* Event - When a user interacts with your super cool app, events are fired off that cause other layout changes based on the user request.
* Model - Holds the data and states for the app.
* View - All datagrids, etc, that make up the user interface.
* Vo - Stores other objects similar to domain that organize data for easy use in the view.

With Penne Framework, you have this!

Get started with Penne

Cairngorm vs. Penne (Comparative Study)

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blog comments powered by Disqus