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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pune Bloggers Lunch at Green Park


We (BarCamp Community) got its first of many to follow, Pune Bloggers Meet. The response to this event was awesome, we (rohit, aditya, atul, me, tarun) just had some conversation. Green Park had some great arrangements. So here is what happened there at Pune Bloggers Meet

1. Bloggers came around 1 PM

2. We started off with an Intro session, where everyone shared what they were blogging on? We had Metu (Movie Reviews Blogger) movie buff( anyone out there contact her ), NGO community( Bhavya, Jaslene), Tarun ( Blogging on daily activities, and an avid Camp organizer, whenever he comes to pune gets it going). Pramila (ITVidya) and obviously Rohit ( organizer of commonwealth, and a blogger ).

3. Once the intro session was over, we got some drinks (Soft drinks and not Hard)and everyone was having a mini discussion on "Should we accept a negative feedback on our blogs?".. Everyone had their views, mostly everyone accepted that, and made a point saying "Abusive language should not be posted as a feedback, blogging ethics"

4. Bhavya, Jaslene both (NGO) doing wonderful thing by giving something to the community. I got a chance to speak with them at the end of the meet. Would love to do something of that sort. Amazing stuff, good going!

5. How can i forget Amit Singh, Hardcore PHP developer (Pune IT Labs), we are thinking of starting a small PHP users group meet. Look forward to this. Nice way to get into PHP and related technologies

It was a great start to the Pune Bloggers Meet. In the near future more (food + people) is expected, as we(BarCamp guys) never run short of energy.

Will be discussing about 101 Camp with Tarun and look forward to that in about 2 months time.

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