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Monday, June 09, 2008

Pune Flex Users Group Meet at NetScout

Amidst all the rain that Pune had yesterday (Sunday 8th June), some great RIA enthusiast came in for the Flex Users Group Meet organized by Netscout Systems India Ltd..

Here are the minutes of the meet

1. As usual all the Netscout guys (including me) were playing TT(Table Tennis), as we saw our first participant, Sudharshan Apte from Cognizant come in. As we were waiting for other speakers to turn up. We continued playing TT with Sudharshan for some time.
2. At 5.30PM, Aasim and others came in, we then decided to just kick off the meet. Some of the geeks from Netscout were present there.
3. We had a small "Intro Session" to start of the proceedings. A good mix of designer + developer. Nice to see that.
4. Aasim started with how to get Adobe Flex Certified. He gave some good tips and some add-ons from Anand were nice. But the debate took off when Sarat Chandra from Netscout asked the group "Why do this certification?", Yash Mody said "It gives us the confidence while speaking on the technology", and Aasim came in saying "You stand apart from others".

I have a different say on this. Most of the Flex Geeks are not certified, I feel its more experience than Certification that makes you more comfortable with a particular technology. But said that, if one wants to give it go ahead.

5. Megha came in at around 5.30PM, and soon after Anand vardhan joined the meet. He took a session on Cairngorm Microarchitecture.

6. It was 6.45PM! Nice to see some great RIA enthusiast coming in with their viewpoints, Rajesh Moorjani was quite thrilled with how RIA applications were built with Flex.

We then had some Snacks, and that was it guys! For Pune Flex Users Group to have something more in their kitty, everyone needs to contribute with something. More active participation would mean more knowledge sharing. We had some good inputs from Rajesh, and others that which we will follow in the next meet. No one leaves the meet saying "I did not understand a single bit of what was going there"

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